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¿Que preguntar a tu posible HF?

Okei muchas niñas me han preguntado, sobre una lista de preguntas que habían visto por ahí para las llamadas con las HF, se que la primera llamada da miedo, pero ustedes relájense y sean ustedes mismas/os, no se presionen, igual tengan en cuenta que su HF sabrá que ustedes pueden estar nerviosas/os y que el inglés es su segunda lengua, así que no tomarán muy en serio si tienen errores al hablar así que respiren y traten de no auto-sabotearse :)

Les comparto la lista de mi amiga INDI! :) Ella ganó el concurso en México a mejor video au-pair y es una niña linda, así que si tienen dudas, además de que pueden preguntarme a mi, pueden preguntarle a ella :) Ahora bien, dando click en su nombre van a su blog :)

About the Kids
.-Names and ages (birthdays) of the kid(s).
.-What are their personalities (describe in one word).
.-How well do they get along with each other?
.-Does any of them suffers from clinical conditions like OCD, ADD, hyperactivity?
.-What do they like to do, what do they DON’T like to do?
.-What are their favorite games and toys?
.-What are their favorite tv shows/movies, do they watch tv daily? for how long?
.-Do they go to school/daycare?How far is it from school?
.-Do they go to extra activities (soccer, piano, etc.) How often? How to they get there (car, walking, someone picks them up)? Am I driving them?
.-What is their routine like, can you describe a day in the life of?
.-Do the kid(s) go to bed alone or do I have to stay with them till they fall asleep?
.-Do they have any allergies? How do you control them?
.-Do they have pets?
.-What role would you like me to be for your children? 
.-Can you describe me what do the kids eat (the 3 meals with snacks, pref 2 days)?
.-Will I cook for them? What meals? (bf, lunch, dinner)?
.-Will I be in charge of grocery shopping for the kids? If so, how often?
.-Most liked and disliked foods for them. Is there any food they don’t eat for health issues?
.-How do you make them eat them (if necessary, like veggies)?
.-Would you teach me to do their favorite/to-go meals?
.-Do you involve them in the cooking process?
.-What are touchy/not allowed subjects (religion, death, sex, politics) in your household?
.-How often would you like me to do activities such as zoo visit, movie teather, arcade, etc? 
.-How do you discipline your kids? No desert, time out? Do you expect me to do so? If so, can you describe me two situations at least in where you’d expect me to do so.
.-Free time and schedule.
.-What about pocket money?

About the Parents
.-How do you want me to call you? Mrs. or by your name?
.-What are your professions?
.-How’s your work schedulle?
.-Do you travek often because of work? Weekdays or weekends?
.-For how long have you been married?
.-Hobbies and favorite free time activities of you.
.-Do you have relatives living near by? How often do you get together/visit them? Do the kids go as well?
.-Church and services

About former/current au pair
.-Do you currently have an au pair?
.-Where’s she from? How old?
.-What made you pick her?
.-How well do the kids get along with her?
.-How long did it take them to adapt to the au pair?
.-what are things you like/dislike about her?
.-how can we avoid issues you’ve had with previuos/former au pairs?
.-Does she follow any special rule? What about curefew? Will I follow the same, or will you adapt/change for me?

About living in their house and city?
.-Do you have wifi internet?
.-would you provide a cell phone?
.-how is it gonna be paid? 100/0, 50/50..?
.-Will I have my own bathroom or will I share one? 
.-Who is in charge or cleaning it? Me or the house keeper? 
.-What housekeeping duties will I be in charge with? How often?
.-Will I be able to use the laundry and dryer, and iron?
.-How about colleges and universities near by? how far? can you provide me some names?
.-How far is the beach?
-How will vacations be decided

La lista de preguntas no es mía, es de INdi :) yo solo hago publicidad :) besitoo

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  1. Gracias!! me estoy devorando tu blogggg esta super, si Dios quiere el año que viene estoy viajando :) y la verdad que esto ayuda mucho a no sentir taaanto miedo... lo único que no pude ver es la parte de Como recoger tu Visa